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Leaving Nice by the highway, drive straigtforward direction Lorgues (on tuesday) or Draguignan (on thursday) and head for an authentic provincial market.Time to stroll and get a taste of the Provence and its specialities such as olives, oil, tapenade, goat cheese, and all sorts of delicatessen of the area.Then go for the awesome village of Tourtour, one of the most beautiful of France and get a little lunch or maybe a picknick with the delicacies you found on the market. From Tourtour to the village of Aups is a 20 minutes drive, here we go to "the house of truffles" for a visit and tasting of truffles. After this your driver/guide will take you to the beautiful domain - winery chateau Ste Roseline where you'll get to taste the wine of the Provence.

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